Eighths, Quarters, Halves, Whole Shares

We offer beef shares to stock your freezer! Purchase an eighth, quarter, half, or whole beef shares to fill your freezer.  

Shares are approximately 30% steaks, 20% roasts, 50% ground beef.  

Eighth share - 50 lbs - $550
Quarter share - 100 lbs - $1100
Half share - 200 lbs - $2200
Whole share - 400 lbs - $4400

If interested in an eighth, quarter, half, or whole, please submit this form and we'll reserve a share for you on the schedule. 

Click here to view reservation form for beef share. 

Frequently asked questions:

What is included in the price?  We cover all expenses - the cow or hog, transportation to/from the processor, and all butcher/processing costs.  There are hidden or extra fees (other than shipping fees to some locations - see below).

What is the delivery/shipping fee?  No delivery or shipping charge in North Carolina or South Carolina.   We can ship to any other state - shipping price will be added to cost of share.   Contact us and we can easily provide you a quote! 

How much freezer storage space is required?  We recommend about 1 cubic foot of freezer storage space for 30 lbs of beef.  Common chest freezer sizes are 5-7 cubic feet and 15 cubic feet.

How much beef is in a whole cow?  Live weight: ~1200 lbs.  Hanging weight of a pasture raised steer is about 57-60% of that: 690 lbs.  After 21-day dry aging, deboning, and trimming, that 690 lbs carcass will produce about 400-410 lbs of beef.