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Regular price $1,000.00

One-quarter of a cow (100 lbs of beef), shipped directly to you.  


4 bone-in ribeye steaks
4 NY strip steaks
4 filet mignon steaks
7 flat iron steaks and/or top sirloin steaks
1 skirt steak
2 London Broil roasts (2-2.5 lbs each)
4 packs of short ribs


3 chuck roasts (2-3 lbs each)
2 round roasts (2-3 lbs each)
1/2 brisket (3-4 lbs)
4 packs of short ribs
2 packs osso buco
5 lbs stew beef

Ground beef:

45 lbs dry aged ground beef

Beef is USDA inspected, vacuum sealed, and stored frozen.  Beef ships frozen and arrives to you frozen. 

Shipping info: 

Flat rate shipping applies - $29 east of Mississippi River, $69 west of Mississippi River.  Beef will ship in two large boxes, weighing 50+ lbs each.