We ship beef and pork on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday -- direct from our farm!

Berkshire Half Rack Roast

Regular price $69.00

TO BE SHIPPED on Monday, November 9th. 

A bone-in Berkshire loin roast with approximately 3 bones - a special holiday cut of Berkshire pork we call the Half Rack Roast.  These Berkshire Half Rack Roasts weigh 3 lbs each.   Berkshire pork has outstanding natural marbling and tenderness, resulting in exceptional pork.  

Our recommended estimation is 0.75 lb of uncooked Berkshire bone-in loin roast per person.  

Berkshire half rack roasts and other holiday specialty cuts ship for FREE east of the Mississippi River and $39 west of the Mississippi River.  Will be shipped starting on Monday, November 9th.