We ship beef and pork on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday -- direct from our farm!

Emily's Box - October Slow Cooker Box

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It's time to fire up your slow cooker, Instant Pot, or Dutch oven as autumn weather brings cooler nights.  We have a great selection of dry aged beef and Berkshire pork that will make excellent slow cooked roasts, stews, and soups.  This October special includes great slow cooker options.  The box ships for free to NC, SC, and VA - and any additional cuts added to the box also ship for free.  

  • 3 roasts - default selection will be 2 beef roasts and 1 pork roast.  Leave us a note at checkout if you have a specific preference!
  • 3 lbs dry aged ground beef

All beef and pork is USDA inspected, vacuum sealed, and frozen.  Beef and pork will ship frozen on dry ice to your home - ships frozen, arrives frozen.  


Beef roasts: chuck roast, shoulder roast, sirloin tip roast (lean), top round roast (lean), bottom round roast (lean)

Pork roasts: Boston Butt roast, pork ham steak (lean)