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John's Box - 5 of John's Favorites!

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We're changing things up from our usual Emily's Box this week - and we bring to you a special feature - JOHN'S BOX.  This box is a compilation of FIVE of John's current favorite Bravo Steaks cuts!  This special feature ships for FREE to NC, SC, and VA.  Standard flat rate shipping charges apply to all other states. 

• TWO 2-packs of bone-in thick cut Berkshire pork chops (4 chops total, each chop weighs 12-16+ oz)
• Two 1 lb packages of ground pork
• 1 lb pork chorizo
• 1 lb hot pork sausage
• Two 1 lb packages of dry aged ground beef 

If you asked John how he'd prepare the contents of this box, this is what he says:

Pork Chops - pan seared and cooked to internal temp of 140 degrees.  We'll include our favorite recipe in this box!

Ground pork - either grilled pork burgers with caramelized onions - or - Crispy Vietnamese Pork Rice Bowls 

Pork chorizo - served with peppers and onions in warm tortillas!

Hot pork sausage - alongside scrambled eggs!

Ground beef - nothing beats a dry aged beef cheeseburger on the grill - or - homemade spaghetti!


We are happy to make substitutions if you'd like - leave a note at checkout and we'll be in touch via email.

All beef and pork is USDA inspected and frozen.  Beef and pork are shipped on dry ice and will arrive to your doorstep frozen.