We ship our beef & pork on MONDAY through WEDNESDAY, overnight to your doorstep!

FAQs about the Bravo Co-Op

Do you want to get a regular delivery of Bravo Steaks to your home?  The Bravo Co-Op Meat Subscription box is YOUR way to have monthly priority access to our premium farm-raised meats.  

In agriculture, cooperatives - often abbreviated co-ops - are formed as a way for farmers to join with others to get access to top products.  Co-ops exist for seed, feed, fuel, farm equipment, and more!  Our unique Bravo Co-Op gets OUR premium meats to you.  Join the Bravo Co-Op today to have our beef and pork shipped to your home every 1, 2, or 3 months.  


1. Am I required to get a box every month?

Absolutely not!  No obligations.  You can skip a month anytime, change the box option (Family Staples, Farm Favorites, or Premium Cuts), or cancel anytime. 

2.  Will you notify me before sending a box?

Yes - we will contact you via email at the first of your scheduled month as a reminder that your upcoming box will be shipping soon.  At the time of the email, you are welcome to ask us to pause, hold, or switch the box.  

3.  What options do I have for a Bravo Co-Op box?

See Bravo Co-Op Meat Subscription description for listing of the three box options.  

4.  How much does shipping cost for a Bravo Co-Op Box?

Co-Op Meat Subscription boxes ship for free to states east of Mississippi River.  

Shipping to states west of Mississippi River is discounted from our standard $69 western states price -- Co-Op Boxes ship to western states for a flat rate of $39!

Each box is shipped in our custom insulated boxes with dry ice included to keep our farm-raised meats frozen.  The meat leaves our farm frozen and should arrive to you still frozen.  

5.  How do I pay for my Bravo Co-Op box?

We will bill your credit card or Paypal at your specified frequency (every 1, 2, or 3 months), unless you request for us to pause or hold the box for that month.  If you don't want a box sent, you will not be charged.  If your billing information changes, we can easily update your information - contact co-op@bravosteaks.com

6.  When will I receive my Bravo Co-Op box each month?

Boxes ship out between the 5th and 12th of the each month -- the first full week of the month.  Your box will arrive within 1-2 days of shipping out from our farm.  

7.  Will I be notified when my box ships?

Yes, you will receive a tracking number for your Bravo Co-Op box.