Visit FAQ about our farm for more information about how we raise our beef and pork.


Do you have a storefront?

You're here!  We exclusively have an online store, and it's open 24/7/365.  We do not have a brick-and-mortar store.  

Can I pick up my order at the farm?  

We ship all orders.  We've trialed offering local deliveries or pick-ups in several different forms or fashions over the last 3 years, and we've found that the efficiency and predictability of our shipping systems work better for our customers and ourselves as small business owners.  We ship all orders, carefully packaged with dry ice for secure delivery to your doorstep.  

For quarters, halves, and whole beef shares, we will arrange delivery at a mutually convenient time and location.

How much meat can I order?  

There's no size too small or large. Take advantage of flat-rate shipping and stock up!  We find that frozen meat ships best in order sizes at least 10 to 20 lbs of meat.  

Can I send Bravo Steaks as a gift?

Yes, we'd love to send our beef to your friend or family as a gift.  Complete information available at this link: Giving Bravo Steaks as a Gift

I have a question about my payment.  Who do I contact?

Please email billing@bravosteaks.com and we'll answer any questions!

Do you do custom orders for special cuts of beef or pork?

Email us at emily@bravosteaks.com and we are happy to discuss more about the cut availability through our USDA-inspected processor.  

Shipping & Dry Ice

What do I do when I receive my beef shipment?

Unpack the box and place the packaged meat in your own freezer ASAP.  If dry ice remains in the box, do not touch the dry ice with your bare hands.  

Does someone need to be home to receive the shipment?

No, our orders do not require signature.  The UPS driver will leave the box at your address.  Promptly unpack the beef into your freezer on the day of delivery to your address.  

How do I handle any remaining dry ice?

Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide and has a temperature of -109°F.  Do not touch dry ice with bare hands or bare skin.  Dry ice is extremely cold and can cause frostbite if it contacts your bare skin.

Most if not all of the dry ice should be gone when you receive your package.  Do not place dry ice your freezer.  It lowers the temperature so much that it might break your condenser. Do not place directly on tile or solid surface countertops as the extreme cold can cause the surface to crack. Using tongs, an oven mitt, or a towel to protect your hands, place the bag of dry ice in a well-ventilated area away from children or pets. Within 24 hours, the solid dry ice will convert from a solid to a gas. 

Oh no- my meat wasn't frozen when my shipment arrived.  Help?!

Please contact emily@bravosteaks.com right away.  We want to get this fixed!

Enjoying Bravo Steaks

How do I thaw meat from Bravo Steaks?

My best recommendation for thawing beef or pork is to remove the frozen meat from your freezer and place in your refrigerator for 24 to 36 hours prior to cooking.  Smaller pieces likely will thaw in 18-24 hours and larger roasts may take 36-48 hours.  

Do you have any recipe recommendations? 

We love to cook and eat beef and pork from our farm so, YES, we certainly do!  For recipe recommendations, check out our two recipe books (available in print and as a digital download) or follow us on Pinterest.  

Dry Aged Beef and Berkshire Pork

What is the fat % of your ground beef?

Approximately 85/15.  Every beef animal is slightly different.  

How do I store salami? 

We store salami in a refrigerator.  It's shelf-stable so it's fine for it to be at room temperatures, too.  Once cut, we recommend that you store any remainder in the refrigerator and use within 7 days.  In hot months, we'll ship salami with ice packs or frozen with your meat order out of an abundance of caution - it gets hot in the South, y'all!  From fall through spring, salami will be sent to you at regular air temperature or with your meat order.


What are the ingredients in sausage and bacon?

Bravo Steaks product ingredient list