Giving Bravo Steaks as a gift

Our farm-raised beef and gift certificates make special gifts.  Consider Bravo Steaks for your next thank you gift, wedding gift, new homeowner gift, or holiday gift. 

Correspondence inside the gift box

  • All gift boxes will include a To:/From: notecard stating the name of the giver and recipient. 
  • If you'd like to include a personalized message, please leave it in the comments at checkout or email . 
  • If you want to send the gift anonymously, please make special note of this in the comments at checkout or email

Shipping frozen beef as a gift

We strongly discourage sending a box of frozen beef as a blind gift.  Our products are perishable and small-batch, so it is *essential* that the recipient of the gift be aware that they should retrieve the shipment from their doorstep, mail room, garage door, or UPS delivery location AND open the box.  The exterior of the box is marked with labels, instructing the recipient to unpack into freezer upon arrival.  

Best ways to gift Bravo Steaks

1) A gift certificate allows the recipient to choose their selection and a delivery date when they will be home.  We offer online e-gift certificates that are instantly delivered to your inbox.  We have paper gift certificates enclosed in an envelope in $50 increments and $100 increments.  No mail/shipping charge for gift certificates!

2) Contact your gift recipient to see if they will be home on the expected arrival date of the package.  At checkout, please specify what day you would like the box to be delivered - the box will ship UPS Next Day on the Tuesday/Wednesday that you request and it should arrive to the recipient the following day.  We ship all beef overnight, direct to the doorstep of the shipping address that you specify.  

3) As the gift purchaser, you will receive email updates about shipment status - when the box is prepared at our farm for shipment, when the box is out for delivery on the UPS truck, and when the box is delivered.  You could forward these emails to your gift recipient to give them a heads up to retrieve this time-sensitive gift (from you!) on their doorstep.  

4) If the gift recipient lives near you, consider having the gift shipped directly to you, the gift giver.  Upon delivery to your home, store the box in your freezer until you see the gift recipient in person.  Important - the beef needs to be placed into your freezer on the day of delivery;  it will not remain frozen in the box for an additional day or two and must be placed in a freezer upon delivery.