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6-Pack and SAVE! Bravo Salami Special

6-Pack and SAVE! Bravo Salami Special

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6-pack and SAVE on this Bravo Salami Special!

The 6-pack includes 3 links of soppressata and 3 links of finocchiona.  


Bravo artisan salami made from Berkshire pork raised on our farm.  This handmade dry Italian salami is available in 5-oz links, and it is the perfect appetizer, charcuterie board addition, snack, and more! 

For optimal quality, store in the refrigerator.  Once the salami link has been cut, store in the refrigerator and use within 1 week.  The photo shows one 5-oz link - half thinly sliced and half not sliced yet.  Bravo artisan salami is packaged in two different ways - we will be selling the paper wrapped salamis first and then clear vacuum sealed packages.  The product is the same - just different packaging. 

During warmer months, we prefer to ship to you with other frozen goods.  During cooler months, we will ship at ambient air temp.  

Italian dry salami like our Bravo artisan salami is aged for 4 weeks at the salumeria.  White mold may appear on the exterior of the salami link.  This is normal, much like mold appears on blue cheese.  Wipe or slice the mold off, and enjoy the salami!

Because of the handmade process, there may be slight variation between salami link sizes and shapes.  

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