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Summer Adventures Box - Ships FREE to NC, SC, and VA

Summer Adventures Box - Ships FREE to NC, SC, and VA

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Unleash Your Culinary Creativity!

Are you a home chef with a passion for trying new and exciting cuts of meat? Do you love to explore diverse flavors and cooking styles? Our Summer Adventures Box is perfect for you! Packed with a selection of premium, farm-raised meats, this box is designed to inspire your inner chef and elevate your summer cooking experiences.

What's Inside the Box?

  • 4 lbs of Flanken Style Ribs: Perfect for grilling or braising, these ribs are cut across the bone for maximum flavor and tenderness. Ideal for creating delicious, smoky BBQ dishes that will be the star of any summer gathering.

  • 1 Pack of Lamb Kabob Meats: Ready for skewering, these tender lamb pieces are perfect for making flavorful kabobs. Marinate and grill for a mouthwatering dish that brings a taste of the Mediterranean to your table.

  • 1 Pack of Ground Lamb: Versatile and rich, our ground lamb is perfect for making gourmet burgers, meatballs, or adding a unique twist to your favorite recipes.

  • 1 lb of Bacon Ends: These flavorful bacon pieces are ideal for dicing or chopping. Add them to salads, pasta dishes, or sprinkle over vegetables for an extra burst of savory goodness.

  • 2 Packs of Ground Beef: Our dry aged ground beef has amazing flavor and it is perfect for making juicy burgers, hearty meat sauces, or classic comfort dishes like meatloaf and chili.

  • 1 Petite Tender Steak: This tender and flavorful from the shoulder of a cow is great for grilling or pan-searing. It's small but mighty, delivering a delightful steak experience.

  • 2 Links of Bravo Salami: These savory salami links are perfect for appetizers or snacking. Slice them up for a charcuterie board, add to homemade pizza, or great in pasta salad for a light summer meal.

The Summer Adventures Box ships for free to NC, SC, and VA.  

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