Upcoming RESTOCK of dry aged beef and Berkshire pork at the end of January!


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Recipes from the farm!  This is a collection of 21 of our favorite recipes to cook using beef and pork from our farm.  The recipe book features 16 ground beef recipes and 5 bonus recipes - including our Bravo Homemade Bone Broth recipe!

This simple book of ground beef recipes has a wide variety of meal options - from quick <30 minute meals to freezer meals to unique new ways to include our dry aged ground beef on your dinner menu.  

Interested in purchasing our delicious dry aged ground beef?  Consider the Farmer's Dozen Ground Beef Box.

We will send your recipe book via USPS or if ordered with a meat order, we'll include it outside the custom liner in your box of beef and pork.  If you prefer instant delivery, consider the Digital Download of Volume 1: Ground Beef Recipes.