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EIGHTH of a COW SHARE - 55 lbs of dry aged beef!

EIGHTH of a COW SHARE - 55 lbs of dry aged beef!

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Ships FREE to NC, SC, and VA

2 thick cut bone-in ribeye steaks
2 thick cut NY strip steaks
2 filet mignon steaks
2 lbs picanha sirloin steaks or sirloin stirfry
1 flank steak
3 lbs short ribs
3 lbs osso buco
1 of each: brisket half, sirloin tip roast, chuck roast, shoulder roast
7 lbs stew beef
22 lbs ground beef (choose from 1-lb 85/15 ground beef or 1-lb extra lean 95/5 ground beef)

Beef bones for broth - optional

Frequently asked questions:

What is included in the price?  We cover all expenses - the cost of raising the cow, transportation to/from the processor, and all butcher/processing costs.  The beef you receive is vacuum packaged and frozen in the cuts listed.  Eighth cow share ships free to NC, SC, and VA

Do you offer quarters, halves, or wholes?  Yes - visit 21-day Dry Aged Beef Share for more information.  

How much freezer storage space is required?  We recommend about 1 cubic foot of freezer storage space for 30 lbs of beef.  Eighth beef share will take up about 2-3 cubic feet.  A household refrigerator with freezer attached usually has about 4-5 cubic feet of freezer space, so this eighth share will take up about half of that. 

How much beef is in a whole cow?  Live weight: ~1220 lbs.  Hanging weight of a pasture raised steer is about 57-60% of that: 720 lbs.  After 21-day dry aging, deboning, and trimming, that 720 lbs carcass will produce about 440 lbs of beef.  1/8th is 55 lbs.

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