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HOG WASH - Old Fashioned Bar Soap

HOG WASH - Old Fashioned Bar Soap

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Old Fashioned Bar Soap made with lard from our farm.

Some folks might think it's "hogwash" to craft a luxurious and gentle soap from... a hog.  But.... try this!

Hog Wash Old Fashioned Bar Soap is an all-purpose, mild soap made using farm fresh lard from our farm and goat's milk.  This artisan soap is made in North Carolina.  After hand-blending the ingredients, the bars cure for 4+ weeks to produce a hard, long-lasting bar that works to a deep, creamy lather.  

Current soaps available:

True Grit: Our Signature and Most Popular HogWash Bar!  This exfoliating bar contains pumice, coarse salt, and crushed walnut shells to buff your skin clean.  It is great for dirty garden, farm, or berry-stained hands.  The fragrance is masculine and a combination of earthy, calming, white musk, and hints of cologne.  This is John's favorite Hog Wash bar for the shower after a long, dirty day of farm work.  

Chamomile & Lavender: calming and refreshing!  This softly scented lavender bar has hints of chamomile.  

Peppermint - Bright, fresh, and minty!  This soap bar contains crushed mint leaves and peppermint essential oil.

Spiced Cider - cinnamon, allspice, and cozy.  Topped with cloves and whole red peppercorns.

Fresh Tonic - patchouli, cedar, and mint.  This scent smells like Whole Foods to me - ha!  It's wonderful and probably our favorite bar.  Some might say this is a masculine scent, but I think it's pretty gender neutral.  A great clean smelling soap. Topped with poppy seeds.


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